Image Analysis Tools

Latest Image Analysis Tools

The current version, source code, and documentation are available from and maintained at an external site.

This software is the most up to date version of methods used in:
Moree, Meyer, Fuller and Straight. J Cell Biol (2011) 194 (6): 855–871 (
Fuller and Straight. J Microsc. (2010) May;238(2):145-61.

Colocalization 3D software
An implementation of Colocalization and In-situ Correction of Aberration for Distance Analysis (CICADA)” (Software used in Fuller and Straight, J. Microscopy, 2012)

Chromatin Bead Quantification Script
Script used for quantification of immunofluorescence images of centromeric chromatin-coated beads in Guse et al (2011)

Bioinformatic Tools

We maintain software for bioinformatic analysis as github repositories.
These include analysis pipelines described for:

ChAR-Seq in Drosophila – Bell et al. eLife 2018;7:e27024 https://10.7554/eLife.27024
k – mer analysis of Xenopus centromeric DNA – Smith et al. Genome Research 2021; 31(6), 958–967

Classification of Ambivalent Sequences using k – mers (CASK) – Hoyt SJ et al. 2021 biorxiv