Image Analysis Tools

The current version, source code, and documentation are available from and 
maintained at an external site.

Latest Image Analysis Tools

Older Versions

Documentation/Installation instructions for v2.3.2
Image Analysis and Benchmarking Tools v2.3.2
Note: Contains the centromere finder used in Moree, Meyer, et al., 2010
Precompiled Mac version of Image Analysis Tools v2.3.2

Image Analysis Tools v2
(An updated and optimized version of the original tools)

Image Analysis Tools v1
(original version used in Fuller and Straight, J. Microscopy, 2009)

Chromatin Bead Quantification Script
Script used for quantification of immunofluorescence images of centromeric 
chromatin-coated beads in Guse et al (2011)

Colocalization 3D software
An implementation of Colocalization and In-situ Correction of Aberration for Distance 
Analysis (CICADA)" (Software used in Fuller and Straight, J. Microscopy, 2012)